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''International Military Commission - IMC~ Global'' also known as ' World Military Commission' is a Commission of Military Chiefs and High Ranking Military Officials& Top Law Enforcement Officials

for World Peace. international Military Commission will work closely with military officials, police, law enforcement agencies, para military organizations, embassies, govts, courts,security agencies, spy agencies , diplomats, ambassadors, sovereign 

entities and international organizations and also

will create reserve military and will also take part and organize many military events , conferences 

and will be active with civil societies 

many ways to self - defense programs, 

social awareness and training programs,

beside helping for major security 

arrangements for big events and engage 

all 3rd level institutions and universities 

to engage in deep research to develop 

military education worldwide.

International Military Commission - IMC may work with all Military Chiefs and High Ranking Officials and Top Law Enforcement Agencies Internationally. IMC GLOBAL will contribute many ways through positive review of International Matters which are priorities for the world and if necessary during Quarterly Review will also work on ensuring positive remark or feed back for UN Reform and World Leaders. IMC Global may decide as a Military Tribunal also if necessary to resolve some major issues and will impose prison sentence for those who cause serious troubles Internationally and ensure to put them to Military Prison Like ’’Guantanamo Bay’’ or Alternative Arranged Location / To Military Prison for indefinite period of time until Supreme Officials of IMC GLOBAL & TWLF IGO GOVERNING BODY, WORLD HQ, IRELAND make decisions based on nature of crimes.



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